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#Create Job Givers Not Job Seekers

What is the 'Cause' and why is UREKA pursuing it?


Answer: We are promoting the cause to create more job givers rather than job seekers in India. This is because we strongly feel that imbibing entrepreneurial spirit and relevant training could be an important means by which Indian youth  can achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Startup Clinic Weekend (SCW) is one of UREKA's initiatives towards promoting the cause.

What is Startup Clinic Weekend (SCW)?

Answer: SCW is programme designed on international lines that comprises of a series of activities/events that motivates, engages and trains participants to help them develop entrepreneurial skills. These skills, certifications and connections will be useful  even for those who do not want to startup immediately.

Who is it for?

Answer: SCW is designed to be useful for a wide range of audience, including:

  • Students (all backgrounds)

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs, planning to startup

  • Startups seeking skills, mentors, connections, funding

  • Those who want to learn about entrepreneurship and startups but do not immediately want to establish a startup

What will happen in SCW?

Answer: SCW will comprise of a series of coordinated events/activities on campus of the host institution over typically a Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday. SCW will be open to outside participants as well and the concept is to create a vibrant entrepreneurial environment in the campus over the two days. Some of the events/activities include:

  • Engaging lecture on Entrepreneurship that includes videos, case studies, exercises, 

  • Startup Workshops / Masterclasses

  • Business Model contest

  • International Speakers (through Video Skype)

  • 1-to-1 mentor sessions

  • Rollout of UREKA's International Mentoring Program

  • And others as decided by UREKA

Where will SCW take place?

Answer: The SCW will be run on campus of selected host institutions across different cities of India. We invite Expression of Interest from academic institutions across India who are interested in organising the SCW on their campus.


What are the requirements (including financial) from an institution wishing to host SCW on their campus?

Answer: SCW aims to promote an important cause, hence the charges of organising SCW that come to over INR 500,000 are borne by UREKA as its contribution to the cause and hence SCW is offered free of charge for the host insitution. Only the cost of domestic travel / boarding / lodging arrangements for 4 - 5 people including facilitators, expert guests and members of UREKA team will have to be borne by the host institution and the cost of locally printed, co-banded promotion material like posters, banners etc.

SCW expects at least 500 participants to attend various events / activities over the two days. This is in line with maximising the impact and achieving the objectives of promoting the cause. 

Other requirements from the host institution are:

  • Market SCW in the city / on campus to get the required number of participants

  • Designate 1 faculty & 5 student ambassadors to help coordinate the whole programme. Their efforts will be recognised by a Certificate of Appreciation from UREKA Limited, UK

  • Provide lecture / workshop space with basic infrastructure like projector, AV equipment and wifi connectivity

  • Provide basic operational support in running events / activities

No revenue sharing with the host institution in this model. We have other services where we do offer the revenue share option like the full day Startup Finance and International Business workshops.


What are some of the benefits for host institution that runs SCW?

Answer: The host institution can derive multiple benefits by organising SCW on their campus, some of these are:

  • SCW can be projected as one of the  flagship Entrepreneurship events in the year or it can be combined with any other event planned by the institution to maximise impact.

  • It can be useful to showcase the campus to a wide range of participants, who could be potential students or could engage with the institution in many other ways

  • Showcase host institution's efforts and work in the field of entrepreneurship development

  • Utilise the opportunity to engage their existing students and motivate them to pursue entrepreneurship opportunities

  • Develop connections with mentors, experts and other industry professionals 

  • Value for money - organise a world class event at minimal cost

Do the participants have to pay anything and is there a minimum number of participants that need to attend?

Answer: Yes, events / activities will be on chargeable basis for the participants. But the maximum payment per participant has been capped and will not exceed a nominal charge of INR 500 for both days included.

There is no condition of having a minimum number of participants but to maximise impact we expect that we target getting at least 500 participants, which could be both internal from the host institution and external participants.

What are the dates when SCW will be held?

Answer: SCW will be held across various cities in India between Jan - Mar 2017. Host institutions will be selected on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. For larger cities, more than one institution may be selected. The final decision for selecting host institution rests with UREKA.

I am interested, what to do next?

Answer: Please fill the form (click here) and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours to take the discussion forward. For any queries please write to Ms Anjum Rabab at info@ureka.co.uk

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