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Project Based Study

Real Company – Real Challenges – Real Decisions – Real Outcomes - in Real Time



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In case you are not able to make a payment, please transfer using the bank details provided on this page or write to



Programme Applied Field:


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Your Course Name - MBA, BTech etc

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In case you are not able to make a payment, please transfer using the bank details provided on this page or write to

A structured program for students designed to bridge the gap between academic learning and real life work experience. By providing students:

- an opportunity to understand real problems faced by businesses

- ability to think through & suggest implementable solutions

- mentoring & guidance to learn how to go about the whole process


Ureka Ltd, London has joined hands with

an established business house in India operating since 1908 that seeks to enter the Indian retail sector with ambitions of opening 100 stores across India in the next 5 years.

To Create

A Live Multi Disciplinary Project-based Study

Real Company – Real Challenges – Real Decisions – Real Outcomes - in Real Time


For students who have an interest in and would like to develop their skills in the areas of:

Strategy – Marketing – Finance – Design – Supply Chain - Legal


What do students do:

All details about the company, task in hand, objectives and resources will be provided as in a regular case study - Participants based on their specialisation will then be provided with real challenges faced by the company to find most practical solutions and the selected ones will be implemented in real time on the ground.


What do students get:

  • An unparalleled learning experience

  • Deep insights in to real world business challenges

  • Recognition at the national level for those whose ideas are implemented

  • Project Certificate from the Company

  • Certificate from Ureka Limited, London

  • Flexibility to work on the case as per their convenience (no travel required)

  • Opportunities for paid work (if their idea / solution is implemented)

Company Profile: ATLAS Leather Corp


Established Manufacturers, Leather Exporters, Suppliers to British Furniture Industry


Professionally run company setup in 2010 by UK educated, young scion of a business family having strong legacy in wood and leather industries since 1908.


The Company has India’s largest cutting and sewing operation, catering to the furniture, automotive and aviation industries. In UK it counts amongst its customers some of the biggest brands like Marks & Spencer, Harvey’s, DFS and many more.


Having conquered the foreign markets, the company now sets its eyes on disrupting the mostly unstructured furniture industry in India with ambitions to open 100 premium sofa retail stores across India in the next 5 years.


Click here to access the Company Profile.

What does the Company want to achieve


The company is very proud of its 110 years old legacy yet is very entrepreneurial in its thinking and working and hence firmly believes in the potential of today’s youth and what they can achieve. At the same time it realizes the challenges of the existing gap between skills of fresh students seeking jobs and the industry needs.


Thus, this program seeks to create a win-win proposition for students, educational institutions and the industry to make students #futureready and help them have #gr8careers.


The company will run this project on a purely not-for-profit basis.

Role of Ureka Limited, London


This program is conceptualized and created by Ureka Ltd, a London headquartered knowledge services company with considerable experience in the India higher education sector.


Ureka will act as the interface between the company and students to ensure  that the following Program Objective is met:


Mentor & Guide students to solve real world business problems and in the process learn things that are really going to be useful both in getting better jobs and performing better once employed


The work done during the project and the certification will help students avail better employment opportunities and will possibly have direct impact in cracking interviews because of the rigorous learning involved and the confidence it will generate in the participants due to the knowledge that they gain.

How will the Program Work


This program is offered in a distance learning mode only.


Step 1: Educational institution enrolls with Ureka to offer the program to its students and specifies students from which course(s) and how many will participate. Payment is made in full to commence the project.


Step 2: Ureka will provide online access to participating students to the following:

- complete information on the company, data and all inputs required to successfully complete the projects

- list of projects available that students can choose from and detailed instructions on what has to be done along with deadlines

- contact details of the academic guide for seeking help at any time

- submission details for the work done


Step 3: Students can choose any project from the available list to work on. New projects will be added as new challenges come up in the real business. Students can work individually or in groups on the project. During the project, the students will receive from Ureka:

- mentoring and guidance on completing the project

- assistance with any queries, clarifications

- regular feedback on why will the suggested solutions work or not work

- prompts to actually go out in the market to understand how things work & then answer the business challenge


Step 4: The students submit their final report online; Ureka evaluates the work and shares output with the institution to finally decide on issuing the project certificate

Program Schedule


Start Date: 30th August 2017

End Date:  30th October 2017


As the program is run on a distance learning mode and all submissions are made online, there is no restriction on number of hours or days that students need to work. It is expected that students will undertake this program along with their full time classes and will be able to successfully complete all requirements in the above period.

Projects Currently Offered



- Who is our customer – who is our target segment, how to reach them and what message to send them, why will they buy – Who is the decision maker

- Who is Competition – Where are they present – What is their USP – What is their distribution model – Categorize & create a comparative chart

- List steps / activities / plan to establish the brand in your city

- Plan and list full details of how will you launch the store in a premier mall in your city

- The Company plans to open new stores under franchise model – what are the various franchise models currently prevalent in the market, make a comparative study

- What are some of the marketing activities that you will suggest the company should undertake. Please explain how will each of them be useful for the brand

Supply Chain / Logistics

- How do competitors in the sofa / furniture segment fulfill their orders – What are the costs involved

- What can be done to optimize the entire delivery process

– What are the ways in which we can delight customers through our delivery process

Retail Management

- Where to open the store & why – Where is the competition present

- How to increase footfalls in the store and improve conversions

- List & compare the various technology tools used in a store to improve productivity and efficiency


- Create a 3 year financial projection that helps the company plan how much sales it needs to make each month

- Create a financial model for the franchise operators

- Research and list the cost and expenses of setting up a store in a premier mall in your city

- What percent of sofa / furniture buyers go for financing their purchase – What is the profile of such customers – Who are the players in the market who finance


- Design marketing collaterals in line with brand image & target segment

- Design in-store props for improving the store’s visual appeal

- Design outdoor media visuals


- Compare various commercial agreements like franchise, store etc and highlight points to be careful of

- List the general terms & clauses used in commercial agreements for renting a store in your city

Role of Host Institution


The host educational institution will be responsible for the following:

- enrollment of students for the program

- collecting payments from students and making sure Ureka is paid in full to commence the program

- assign one faculty coordinator who will work closely with the academic guide in ensuring that all deliverables of the project are met. A fortnightly progress report will be shared by Ureka to update the institution of students progress

- jointly evaluate the final reports submitted by students

- distribution of Certification to students

Program Fees


Total Payable: Rs 566 per student (including 18% GST)

Bank Details for Payments in India

Ureka Ventures Private Limited

ICICI Bank, Aliganj, Lucknow

Account No 032505006683

IFSC Code ICIC0000325

Email Ms Sarah in case of any queries or for any problems that face regarding this project at

Project Guide from Ureka


Sarfraz Hasan

Sloan Fellow, London Business School


Director, Ledmac Social Entrepreneurship Development Centre, India


An education entrepreneur who has successfully set up his second entrepreneurial venture. He had founded the London Education Management Consultants (LEDMAC) in London. Over the last few years he has delivered entrepreneurship lectures, run workshops, mentored startups in India, Africa & UK.


Before the entrepreneurial bug bit him, Prof Hasan had close to fifteen years of industry experience in corporate finance, where he was Head of Treasury for a $6 billion multinational petrochemical company, managing global financial transactions of more than $500 million a month.


His personal research focus at London Business School was on the changes required in the Indian HE sector. His work involved analysing, monitoring and evaluating the current issues in India, and best practices internationally. Since completing his Sloan Fellowship, he has continued to research the sector, taking high-level investigative meetings with a cross section of over 100 Indian institutions. This grass roots groundwork undertaken by Mr Hasan, observing and understanding the Indian HE sector in significant detail, and with an unbiased and fresh approach, has been the basis of Ledmac philosophy.


Mr Hasan is also engaged with Grow Movement as a mentor / coach where he volunteers to act as mentor cum guide for micro entrepreneurs in Uganda. Grow Movement is working with London Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business to evaluate the impact of providing best possible virtual consultancy through select business advisors on entrepreneur performance in socio-economically challenged regions of Uganda.

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