Magic 101

Magic 101 is an intensive, result oriented, specialised series of courses & workshops that aim to drastically increase the employability of participants. It achieves this by bridging the skills gap between university education and the industry requirements while taking into account the individual preferences and interests of the student. 

Our workshops and training programs range from 1 week to 6 months and help students prepare to get their dream job by:

  • making them work hard on a personalised training program

  • providing intensive, experiential learning for job skills training, in-depth knowledge, confidence & connections in the preferred industry

  • UK certificate that is actually useful 

  • providing access to Employers / Opportunities in their selected field in addition to those available through college or university

Curriculum & Methodology

We have created our own curriculum based on how it is taught at some of the best institutions in the world like London Business School, ranked amongst the top 3 in the world. 

Registrations Currently Open for Magic Workshop 1



MAGIC Workshop 1 : Personalised Career Planning and Goal Setting

Description: Behind all great careers is meticulous planning and goal setting. Build your personal career plan and set personal career goals under the able guidance of our UK trained experts. 

Learning Outcomes:

- Understanding  Yourself  

- What kind of a Career suits you and how does that match with your aspirations

- Personal Career Planning

- Personal Goal Setting

- What are the options available, current and future opportunities in the market

- How to build your profile to match the opportunities in the market

Duration: One Week Sessions + 6 months Career Coaching

Eligibility: All students. Separate Batches for final years and other students

Tangible Benefits:

- A long term Career Plan created specially for you and applicable for 5 years

- Get A UK certificate that will actually be useful for you in your CV / profile

- Access to better jobs and opportunities through the Delhi recruitment consultant

- FREE six months of Career Coaching after the workshop

- FREE registration with leading Delhi based recruitment agency

- Convenience of having sessions in Integral University itself

- Can be done along with regular classes

Application Process:

- Very Limited Seats

- To be filled after a stringent selection process to choose only students serious about making a great career


Stage 1: Fill the enquiry form below

Stage 2: Shortlisted candidates will be invited to submit the detailed Application Form

Stage 3: Personal Interview 



Stage 1: No Fees

Stage 2: Rs 175 at the time of Application Form submission

Stage 3: If finally selected, Rs 975 before start of the workshop sessions




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