Welcome to the Project page

Hello Participants,

My name is Sarfraz Hasan and I will be your project guide during these two months. I hope that we will be able to offer you substantial learning and valuable insights into the real world of corporate life.

I will try to utilise every bit of my 15 plus years of international work experience across India, Middle East and London and what I learned at one of the world's best business school, the London Business School, my alma mater where we did many such projects to deliver an exceptional experience for you.

The next step..

We have been trying to get in touch with all of you who have registered and paid for the program but have not succeeded due to the intervening holidays.


Never mind that, using the below contact details, please immediately send me an email / whatsapp / Skype / text message with your basic introduction to get started.

Contact Details

Sarfraz Hasan

Email: sh@ureka.co.uk

Mobile: +91 96517 26001

Skype: sarfraz.hasan

All project related information will be posted on this page or otherwise emailed to you so keep a tab.

Thank you and looking forward to work together.

Best wishes,


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