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Certificate Programme.


Truly global experience and exposure that adds real value to the profile and CV.

4 / 8 / 12 weeks options 

Online + International Travel (after Covid) 

UK / France / Austria / UAE / India





Life-long Mentor Support

Work in a team of 5 Participants from 5 Countries*

1 Project from the Developed World

On 2 International Live Projects

Get 2 International Certificates

1 Project from the Developing World










Everything you need for a successful career

This unique Global Work Experience Programme with live mentoring sessions is designed for those who wish to gain international exposure and network and at the same time gets hands-on work experience of working on real business problems. 

Participants are given increasingly difficult, weekly tasks in the form of real business problems in the form of live projects that they solve under the able guidance of an International Mentor, while working with fellow interns from different countries.

Programme Objectives

Enhance employability of participants and provide them opportunities to strengthen their CV and profile.


Provide strong international exposure and experience to participants.

Programme Benefits.


1. Two Live Projects with companies in UK, France, Austria, UAE and India

The participants work on a well structured programme that allows them to apply concepts of management in real life.

2. Live International Mentor Sessions every week

The key feature of this programme are the live sessions with International Mentors who come with many years of international work experience and all of them are alumni of top Institutions like London Business School, University of Oxford, INSEAD, University of London and similar.

3. Exclusive Global Business Leader Sessions every month

Power networking sessions with a global business leaders who provide deep insights into the corporate world and career development.

4. Truly Global Exposure & Experience


  • Work with interns from different countries

  • Get Two International Work Experience Certificates from the project companies

  • International Travel opportunity to the country of project post Covid-19 restrictions.

5. Career Guidance & Post Internship Opportunities 


All participants receive personalised career guidance on building their career. Meritorious, top performing participants may be offered paid roles with Ureka UK or any of its group companies.

Who Attends.


This programme is open to all undergraduate and post graduate students.



The students would work on projects in any one or more of the areas below during the programme. Students can work on any project irrespective of the course they are pursuing currently. 


Detailed instructions on what has to be done every week and how will be provided by the assigned mentor.


During the programme they will work on live business problems that have a real impact on the business. And not dummy projects or stimulated scenarios.


The topics and intensity of work would be chosen from the below lists for the 4, 8 or 12 weeks programme. 



  1. Targeted Marketing 

  2. Competitor Analysis

  3. Branding with Live Testing

  4. Marketing Mix 

  5. Product Launch Planning

  6. Content Development



  1. Price Setting

  2. Price Testing

  3. Competitor Analysis

  4. Profitability Analysis

  5. Value Analysis

  6. Financial Model



  1. Campus Hiring

  2. Candidate Assessment Tools

  3. Campus Ambassador Program

  4. Faculty Recruitment & Engagement

  5. International Training Module

  6. International HR Management – Cultural HR



  1. Services Portfolio Audit 

  2. Ideation Exercise

  3. Idea Selection & Assessment

  4. Business Plan Exercise


International Mentor Live Sessions


Each participant would be mentored and guided by an international mentor who would not only ensure successful completion of the internship but also provide personalised support for building a successful career. This would be achieved through a weekly online interaction with the international mentor who will guide the student on the progress of their work in terms of quality and provide real world business insight into the topic being covered. The mentors for this project are educated at the following institutions, which are one of the best in the world, with considerable global experience and industry exposure.

 - London Business School


 Oxford University

 - University of London

Global Business Leaders Interaction


Power Networking online session with a global business leader who would provide deep insights into the corporate world and inputs on how to make a career during a global recession that has been brought about by COVID 19. Some of the industry stalwarts we have on panel include:

 Managing Director – Citibank

 Chief Actuarial – MetLife

 MD & Chief Executive Officer – Aditya Birla Finance

 Chief Executive Officer – NSE Academy

 Regional Business Head – Schlumberger

and similar



Application Process.


Fill an online application form and attach:

1. Latest CV

2. Latest Transcript (for students)

3. Statement of Purpose - Describe in not more than 300 words, why do you want to undertake this internship programme and how will you benefit from it.

The link to online pre-application form can be found here.

Fees. (Introductory Offer)


4 weeks -   USD 170

8 weeks  -  USD 325

12 weeks - USD 450

Fees for the virtual programme only. International travel is currently not possible due to Covid-19, charges will be announced once travelling starts. Those enrolling now will get the option to travel later at the introductory price.

40% Scholarship on the above fees to 15% of all applicants accepted on the programme every month. All applicants automatically considered for the scholarship on the basis of their SoP and other details provided in the application form.

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