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Training Programme


Online Training + Online Internship

With option to get Certification from:

Set out on a structured path to build an International Career in Data Science.

4 / 8 / 10 weeks options | Online, Live Mentoring

Upto 40% Scholarship Available

See Details Below

Work on live-data sets from these companies and more:

Through training and real, hands-on work experience - develop Skills, build Confidence and gain Competency in:

Python, Flask, Algorithms and Data Structures, Machine Learning, NLP, REST, Clouds, Git, Data Scraping

Live Mentor Hours 

4 weeks - 24+ hours

8 weeks - 48+ hours

10 weeks - 60+ hours

Live Projects 

4 weeks - 3 projects

8 weeks - 6 projects

10 weeks - 8 projects

Industry Expert Session 

4 weeks - 1 session

8 weeks - 3 sessions

10 weeks - 4 sessions

Life-long Mentor Support

This unique online Internship Programme with live mentoring sessions is designed for those who wish to make a successful career in the field of Data Science. This is not a course, there are no theory classes.

Participants are given increasingly difficult, weekly tasks in the form of unique data science problems using live data sets that they solve under the able guidance of an International Mentor, while working with fellow interns from different countries.

Programme Objectives

Develop such a level of competency in participants that they can apply for paid freelance opportunities in Data Science and hence, take the first steps towards building a successful career in the field.


This Internship Programme along with the freelance projects would help participants build a strong profile and gain experience that would help them enter the world of Data Science.

Programme Benefits.


1. Live International Mentor Sessions

The International Mentor is an award winning, industry expert who has worked as Lead Data Scientist with prestigious global organisations like GE Research and Microsoft.


Participants receive the following from their Mentor during live weekly sessions:

  • Regular feedback on work done

  • Personalised query resolution and guidance

  • Weekly handouts, video notes, etc to help solve the tasks


This support by the Mentor not only helps participants in successfully completing the weekly tasks but also helps the participants to:


  • Gain deep understanding of key Data Science concepts and fundamentals

  • Develop expertise in the area through intensive practice on live data sets

  • Showcase the portfolio of their work on GitHub


2. Work on Live Datasets

Interns work on unique problems using live datasets from IBM, Amazon, NYSE, Netflix, Google, Lego, Yelp and more.

3. Exclusive Sessions with Industry Experts

In addition, interns will attend exclusive sessions with industry experts from Google, E&Y, Ericsson, JP Morgan and more.

4. Truly Global Exposure & Experience


  • Work with interns from different countries

  • Get International Internship Certificate from Sloan Technologies FZCO, UAE 

  • Get Certificate of Achievement from Ureka Education, UK

5. Career Guidance & Post Internship Opportunities 


All participants receive personalised career guidance on building a Data Science career. Meritorious, top performing interns may be offered paid roles in the Data Science division of Ureka UK or any of its group companies.

Who Attends.


The internship programme is available in two options for the following candidates.


A. 4 weeks – only for those with strong Python skills and intermediate level familiarity with Data Science tools and concepts.


B. 8 weeks – this is the recommended programme for all participants and is available for both:


 a. those who have python skills but no Data Science background but yet are serious about making a career in the field.


b. those with no python skills. The first three weeks of the programme are spent in learning Python and the balance five weeks on developing Data Science skills.


By having Python skills, we refer to candidates who have actually done coding in Python and are well versed in it and not those who have just completed a theoretical course.



-  Learn about Real-world Machine Learning & the Challenges (look beyond just fit and predict).

-  Build Strong Fundamentals Derive Logistic Regression equation; Understand cross validation; Why is one hot encoding

   required? Non-Parametric Models (Trees) vs Parametric models; How non-linearity works? What are vanishing

   gradients? What is the difference between Generative and Discriminative models? What is curse of dimensionality? and more.

-  Solve unstructured text conundrums, tf-idf, word-vector embeddings, and more.

-  Solve interesting problems using a variety of interesting structured and unstructured datasets. For example, create topic

    models for an open Airbnb dataset and then rank the clusters.

 -  In light of rapid advancements in Auto-ML, get motivated to learn, unlearn and re-learn. Guidance and Help with picking up     complementary skills like Search, Distributed Systems, Real Time Analytics, Machine Learning on Cloud, DevOps in Data

    Science, Machine Learning in production and more

-  Exclusive interactive session with a reputed Data Scientist from the Industry.

-  What to expect in Data Science interviews?

-  Handouts (Ureka Notes & Videos) helpful to solve the internship task for the week

-  Team Exercises and Collaborative Work throughout the internship.

-  Soft skills for Data Science professionals.



Yavar Husain is an award winning Data Scientist having more that 16 years of extensive international experience with some of the best and biggest corporate names in the industry like GE, Microsoft, IBM and Computer Associates (CA).


His expertise is in designing Algorithms and constructing Data Structures for Search, Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing for heterogeneous datasets - Large-scale Web Search, Unstructured Text, Manufacturing, Time Series, News, Resumes/Jobs, Insurance & Aviation.


Yavar worked as a Lead Data Scientist at General Electric Research where he was involved in Research & Development of Industrial Natural Language Processing Algorithms for GE Power Answer Center & was also a part of GE Smelter Center of excellence where he contributed towards building Virtual sensors for Aluminium of Greece (World’s first successful Smelting Artificial Intelligence implementation). For his work at GE, Yavar received several awards including the coveted Head of GE Research Annual Award for contributions in Text Mining & Search. In his role as a Lead Data Scientist, Yavar had also led, mentored & inspired several junior data scientists and interns from prestigious universities.

Chief Mentor, Ureka UK

Application Process.


Fill an online application form and attach:

1. Latest CV

2. Latest Transcript (for students)

3. Statement of Purpose - Describe in not more than 300 words, why do you want to undertake this internship programme and how will you benefit from it.

The link to online pre-application form can be found here.



4 weeks - USD 250 - with Ureka UK certificate

8 weeks - two options

Option 1 - USD 690 - with IBM, Pearson Professional & Ureka UK certificates

Option 2 - USD 490 - with only Ureka UK certificate                                       


10 weeks - two options

Option 1 - USD 875 - with IBM, Pearson Professional & Ureka UK certificates 

Option 2 - USD 675 - with only Ureka UK certificate                                        

Upto 40% Scholarship on the above fees on the basis of an online test and details provided in the application


For those with advanced Python coding skills can opt for the three weeks International Data Science Project.

The project covers all of the above features with the only difference that the participants work on only one comprehensive project on a unique Data Science problem not available on the internet.


On this end-to-end project, participants work on Python, Flask, Algorithms and Data Structures, Machine Learning, NLP, REST, Clouds, Git, Data Scraping and finally deploy their solution using Heroku cloud and blog their outcomes.

Admission to the project will be through an online test for Python skills.

The price for the 3 weeks project is USD 105 only


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