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Project Title

Smart Cities & Urban Development

Internship Programme Details

This internship is reserved for motivated candidates who would like to get familiar with urban management and the concept of a smart and sustainable city. During this hands-on internship, participants will start by learning the basics and challenges of urban management, they will be introduced to the concept of the smart and sustainable city, and will create professional digital content to describe urban management’s current issues and solutions.

International Mentor

Participants would train under the expert guidance of an EU recognised Urban Digital Transformation expert based in Lyon, France. They will receive their Internship Certificate from The French National Institute of Research in Urban Management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine all aspects of the key departments managing a city (missions, operations, organization, budget).
  • Explain how urban operations are managed in the different departments of the city like public security, water management, energy management, water and waste management, telecommunications, transportations.
  • Examine the technology used in the different departments of the city.
  • Comprehend what each department needs to do to improve its operations.
  • Explain why the use of technology creates value in the urban departments.
  • Explain how each urban department could innovate to create new valueadded services or even new financial incomes.
  • Practice key digital tools to create top-of-the-art interactive digital content for an online session.

Career Prospects

• This internship will enhance the employability of participants in diverse sectors like real estate development, urban management, urban digital transformation, greenfield and brownfield developments, etc.
• The interns will get in-depth knowledge of the concept of a smart and sustainable city.
• They will learn and practice authoring tools to create innovative digital content. They will continue to use those tools after the internship.

Scope of Internship

Week 1 and 2

Understand the concept of a smart and sustainable city.

Week 3 and 4

Focus on one urban management organization (energy, water, transportation, security, environment,tourism, healthcare, etc.) and gather knowledge

Week 5 to 8

Design and deliver digital content using authoring tools to describe the context and trends in urban management

Global Trainee Programme


Programme Fee

4 Weeks - USD 130
8 Weeks - USD 260

Limited number of scholarships are available on a first come first serve basis through Ureka Foundation.

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