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Project Title

Preparing Lab-on-Paper Colorimetric Sensors for Water Analysis.

Useful For

Chemical Engineering students.

Learning Outcome

The intern will prepare colorimetric sensors on filter papers (lab-on-paper sensors) for the analysis of iron content in drinking water. The lab-on-paper sensors will be used for analysing the quality and purity of water from various sources.

Career Impact of this Internship

The interns will have a thorough hands-on experience of building a solution that could have a big Chemicalal impact and affect the quality of life of people.

Potential applications of the lab-on-paper sensor

1. Analysis of the iron content in the water supplied through metal pipes. Water supplied from different sources and different irrigation systems can be analyzed and compared.

2. Water for drinking as well as agricultural purposes can be analyzed.

3. Stability of iron vessels and pipes can be studied in terms of their resistance towards rusting. Water stored in or supplied through these can be analyzed periodically using the lab-on-paper sensor for this study

What will be covered in 8 weeks during the project

Week 1  Procurement/arrangement of necessary items. Study of the literature pertinent to the proposed work
Week 2  Optimization of the type, quality and design of the paper
Week 3  Optimization of the water proof boundaries
Week 4  Optimization of the image analysis using Image J software
Week 5  Standardization of the colorimetric sensor
Week 6  Estimation of the iron content in water from different sources
Week 7  Estimation of the iron content in water from different sources
Week 8  Writing the report

Internship Format

In the virtual internship, the week would begin with live video session with the mentor / subject matter expert on the topic/s of the week. For completing the week’s tasks and assignments, the trainees will provided all the knowledge and information required, guidance on what has to be done and resources, if any. The students work (in teams) on their tasks and submit their work by the weekly deadline. They can seek any clarifications, queries, help anytime during the week if they face any difficulties.

The trainees can expect to input 40 hours of work every week.

At the end of 8 weeks, trainees will be expected to submit an internship report as the final outcome of their work.

Important Note - Materials and facilities required

Whatman filter paper, Potassium Thiocyanate/Ammonium thiocyanate, Ferric chloride, Computer, Smart Phone, candles, wax pen, water proof marker pen, and stationery items.

The chemicals mentioned here are available on Amazon and would have to be purchased by the participant.

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