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Project Title

Internet of Things (IoT): From 0000 to Industrial IoT

Useful For

Civil Internet of Things (IoT) relates to physical and virtual objects that have unique identities and are connected to the internet to facilitate intelligent applications that make energy, logistics, industrial control, retail, agriculture and many other domains “smarter”. Internet of Things is a new revolution of the internet that rapidly gathering momentum driven by the advancements in sensor networks, mobile devices, wireless communications, networking and cloud technologies. As per the experts, the number of Internet-connected devices will exceed 50 billion by 2030. Top commercial officialdoms have underway concentrating on the prospects thrown up by Internet of Things like smart cities. Consequently, firms are in search of experts who have sound knowledge of IoT. The Arduino & Raspberry Pi are hardware/software platforms for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control the physical world around them. In this Programme student will learn how the Arduino & Raspberry Pi platform works and its application for IoT projects. With this module student will get firm career growth in IoT domain. It is useful for undergraduate students.

Learning Outcome

The participants will learn the following through this project:
• Perform hands on IoT experiments and implement the same to overcome the challenges and opportunities created by digital transformation.
• Design and implement own IoT models for various IoT applications.
• Understand IoT hardware and software architecture and real world design constraints.
• Solutions for various IoT problems.

Career Impact of this Project

This project will help enhance the employability of participants in the following ways:
• Make the participant industry ready.
• Solution provider to various IoT related issues.
• Kick start to work with IoT environment.
• Improves the hardware and software co-design concepts.

What will be covered in 8 weeks during the project

Week 1 Introduction to the Internet of Things, Basics of Actuators & Sensors, Cloud Computing Concepts, Arduino Platform, Arduino Basics, Arduino Board Layout and Functionality, Arduino Sensor Interfacing, Programming Fundamentals
Week 2 Hands-on projects with Arduino: Displaying Date on Serial Monitor, LCD Interfacing, Reading Ambience Parameters on Android Smartphone, Connecting Arduino to Mobile Device and its working, Creating Android App using App Inventor
Week 3 IoT Projects – Ethernet Module Interface to Arduino and IoT Applications.
Week 4 Send Analog Data and Voltage to Cloud Server, Cloud Computing Applications, and Communicating with Cloud using Web Services, Cloud Computing & IoT
Week 5 Understanding and Introduction to Raspberry Pi, OS Installation on SD Card, OS Configuration, Network Setup, GPIO
Week 6 Basic understanding of Linux and working knowledge of Python for IoT.
Week 7 Raspberry Pi Programming Examples – Blinky, Sensor Interfacing
Week 8 IoT Projects based on Raspberry Pi

Prerequisites for admission to this project, if any

Participants should have the understanding of verbal and written English.
Elementary mathematics like number system or school level.
No prerequisites are required as most of the topics are covered from level zero.

Additional Materials or Software, etc required, if applicable

Participants may choose to purchase hardware (Arduino + Raspberry Pi + Accessories)
Tentative cost of material: USD 100.
Is free student version of software available: Yes all the software’s to be used are open source.

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Programme Fee

4 Weeks - USD 130
8 Weeks - USD 260

Limited number of scholarships are available on a first come first serve basis through Ureka Foundation.

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