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Design of RCC structures by using STAAD.Pro software

Useful For

Civil Engineering students.

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn the practical use of STAAD.Pro software in designing RCC structures.

What will be covered in 8 weeks during the project

Week 1 Introduction to the software and its user interface. Discussing some basicand important concepts of structural analysis.
Week 2 Structural model generation with all available ways in STAAD-Pro
Week 3 Element generation, load application, property application and interpretation ofanalytical results and hands on practice. Discussing some case studies
Week 4 Design of RCC Element and hands on practice. Discussing some case studies.
Week 5 Application of wind load and seismic force on the structures and hands on practice.
Week 6 Design of slab and foundation from the results available in STAAD.Pro output
Week 7 Design of steel structures concepts discussion. Design of industrial building. Hands on practice and discussion of case studies.
Week 8 Design of steel connection and base plate used in steel industrial building. Hands on practice and discussion of some case studies.

Internship Format

In the virtual internship, the week would begin with live video session with the mentor / subject matter expert on the topic/s of the week. For completing the week’s tasks and assignments, the trainees will provided all the knowledge and information required, guidance on what has to be done and resources, if any. The students work (in teams) on their tasks and submit their work by the weekly deadline. They can seek any clarifications, queries, help anytime during the week if they face any difficulties. The trainees can expect to input 40 hours of work every week. At the end of 8 weeks, trainees will be expected to submit an internship report as the final outcome of their work.

Global Trainee Programme


Programme Fee

4 Weeks - USD 130
8 Weeks - USD 260

Limited number of scholarships are available on a first come first serve basis through Ureka Foundation.

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