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Project Title

Artificial Intelligence: Future is Now

Useful For

This virtual internship training programme run by a professional from Kingston University, UK is suitable for anyone who is new to AI and wishes to lay a strong foundation in the field. It is not mandatory to have professional programming skills however basic understanding is required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about real-world Artificial Intelligence and the Challenges
  • Build strong Fundamentals – Why Binary Image processing is required? Importance of RGB color space in computer vision, Computational photography, Video Analysis, how digital color spaces are build? How to train face detection neural network, Create Snapchat and Instagram Filters, Create Panorama
  • Importance of Robotic Operating system for simulations, Gazebo, Localization, Mapping and SLAM, Understand Muli-agent Hide and seek video game using reinforcement learning.
  • How to develop Natural Language Processing deep learning model with Keras? How to prepare text data with Scikit-learn, Bag of words, Sentiment Analysis, Word Embedding, Text Classification, Neural network model for Document classification, Image Captioning, Machine Translation.
  • Interview tips to land job in Artificial Intelligence world. Path towards becoming 21st century’s entrepreneur and start-up ideas.

Career Impact of this Project

This project will help enhance the employability of participants in the following ways:
1) This project will build solid understanding of various areas in Artificial Intelligence.
2) Multiple paths will open for students including AI engineer, Computer Vision Engineer, NLP engineer etc.
3) Knowledge gained through this programme could lead to successful start-up in AI.

What will be covered in 8 weeks during the project

Week 1

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and related sectors. Install all software package and get ready to dive into AI.

Week 2

Machine Learning Fundamentals, understand difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning by developing models on Keras, scikit learn, Pytorch, Tensorflow.

Week 3

Natural Language Processing.

Week 4

Project 1: Train a German to English Language translation model.

Week 5

Robotics and get familiar with various robotics platforms.

Week 6

Project 2: Go and chase robotic car. Design and build your mobile robot in your world.

Week 7

Computer Vision and introduction to important concepts.

Week 8

Project 3: Automatic Car Number Plate Detection. Interview tips and start-up ideas discussion.

Prerequisites for admission to this project, if any

Strong interest is all that is needed for this project.

Additional Materials or Software, etc required, if applicable

Is free student version of software available? Yes. All software are opensource.

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Programme Fee

4 Weeks - USD 130
8 Weeks - USD 260

Limited number of scholarships are available on a first come first serve basis through Ureka Foundation.

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Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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